What VET projects are exceptionally valuable?

Now that you’re more familiar with what VET is, you might ask yourself: where do I start?

It is true, the number of options is close to infinite and often halts our motivation when we realize we don’t know enough about the topic.

Worry not, today we brought you a template project the European Union financed, that can give you plenty of ideas with concrete examples.

Craft Your Future

What was the project about?

  • The regions Friesland (NL), Central Bulgaria (BG), and Valencia (ES) bear a wealth of intangible heritage, such as traditions, knowledge of old crafts, and social networks. What all regions have in common as well as waste. It has become essential to create a circular economy in which the reuse of products and raw materials is maximized and their value destruction minimized. In “Craft Your Future” students examine whether the advancing technology and trends can help revitalize old crafts using waste as raw material.

What was the objective of the project?

  • Craft your Future recognizes that young people in Europe must look outwards and proactively engage with the challenges and opportunities of our modern globalizing world provides. What trends & new technologies (e.g. 3D printing and laser cutting but also the use of big data, new ways of interacting, social entrepreneurship, circular economy) are feeding into our society today that can lift traditional crafts to the 21st century?

What did the project produce? (IO stands for Intellectual Output)

  • IO1 – Craft your Future – Student Training Programme
  • IO2 – Craft your Future – Regional Alliance set-up toolkit
  • IO3 – Craft Your Future – Regional strategy and action plan
  • IO4 – Craft your Future – Online Community

How can “Craft Your Future” give you some ideas?

Devising a comprehensive programme is often looked at as an impossible task at hand. What we see in this “Good practice” is that breaking down larger visions into smaller, well-defined frames can really help create a project outline in minutes.

As we can see, a Student Training Programme can always be the first element of a good project. This helps our organization learn from young people, soon entering the workforce, while we have the opportunity to teach valuable skills to those in need.

Creating the Training course needs to involve experts and other professionals, and has to have clear objectives and measurable results. In the case of “Craft Your Future”, young individuals learned about their cultural heritage, created new relationships, and learned valuable agricultural and technical skills. What makes the practice great is the combination of aspects that helps engage young people with the topic and reach the “deliverables”. Always keep in mind the user of the programme, and devise training that can speak to people, and cater to their needs while teaching them without them realizing it.