What is vocational education and training?

Make sure to write down the abbreviation: VET, because it will be the buzzword of the coming years if it isn’t already. With declining educational systems and lightning-fast technological advancements, the workplace’s demands will not be answered by traditional educational methods.

As the European Union defines it: “Vocational education and training prepares people for work and develops citizens’ skills to remain employable and respond to the needs of the economy.”

Now, this can mean a lot of things, but what’s most important to take away is the mismatch between what is required to be employable, and the knowledge one possesses to fill a position.

Vocational education and training is the practice of further educating future employees, and teaching new skills that are required on the market, not in school and exams.

Why should your organization take the initiative to tackle training challenges?

Even though the last years of economic conjuncture brought unemployment rates to an all-time low, the world’s changing industries will require knowledge, not taught in the general school systems. With more and more companies and organizations realizing the already burning topic of employability, they’re turning their eyes to getting education into their own hands. In order to keep up with the competition, many enterprises started their own initiatives to teach practical skills and soft skills to their future employees or prospects. This is not only crucial in the case of native speakers entering the workforce but is of utmost importance when it comes to integrating foreign citizens, asylum-seekers, and people with fewer opportunities.

An organization’s abilities are measured by the weakest link in its ranks. In order to battle technological advancements organizations can join or create initiatives that teach people new skills. This increases their employer branding, civic engagement, global awareness, and their competitive stance as well.

In case your organization has been struggling lately to find employees with the right set of skills, maybe it’s time to turn your eyes to providing this knowledge yourself.

After all, who knows better the things you require done, than you yourself?

If you think this is the right time for you to adopt VET practices and initiatives feel free to read more about the concept at: https://education.ec.europa.eu/education-levels/vocational-education-and-training/vocational-education-and-training-initiatives

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What is DigiVET

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