How to start your own VET project?

During this short series of articles we’ve covered most of the VET topic. All that remains is starting your own project, but before jumping in, here are some tips to make the most of your experience.

Research your needs

Many stakeholders make the mistake of ignoring internal challenges and aspects that influence the execution of a long-term project. It is crucial to research your own needs, understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, a new project might bring in.

Research your target audience

In case you’ve analyzed your needs properly and indeed have found that a VET project is the next logical step, it’s all about the target audience after that.

With regard to your “users”, you’ll need to uncover the following topics:

  • Their jobs that need to be done
  • Their pains during these tasks
  • Their gains the execution of tasks would bring
  • The product or service you think fits their needs best
  • The pain it resolves
  • The gain it brings

In case you’d feel lost in the process, make sure to use the below attached “Value Proposition Canvas” that helps you avoid strategy bottlenecks as an easy-to-follow mental framework.

Set a vision

Now we know the internal and external needs, it’s time for us to already start planning our project, with creating a vision.

The vision should include the following:

  • Values
  • Vision Aspects
  • Professional Development & Learning Goals
  • Personal Growth Goals
  • Professional Milestones
  • Personal Milestiones
  • Timeline
  • Personal/Professional vision

Your vision will help you create an anchor for your project. Whenever you feel like losing focus, feel free to tune in back again and revise your vision setting.

Make sure to visit Lizard Brain for their awesome visual templates: https://lizardbrain.com/seeyourideas/2016/8/16/visual-templates Use them for personal or business workshops and help yourself and others visualize, what’s really going on.

Get inspiration

Very often, even if we have the motivation to start new projects, we just don’t know what project to pick.

Fortunately the European Union can help us out in this case once more. Feel free to get inspiration from previous and currently running projects on the Erasmus Programme Results Platform: https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/projects/search?pk_source=website&pk_medium=link&pk_campaign=erasmus-projects&pk_content=hp-hero

Read about best practices, objectives and how other successful VET projects organized their work.